Glazed Fire Screens

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Example of Glazed Fire Screens

EYJ Fire Doors Ltd manufacture glazed fire screens from scratch, completely bespoke to suit any size and built entirely to the customer specifications within the bounds of the required regulations.

Our glazed fire screens, single or double skin, can provide increased security from fire and flammable gases, helping to further protect people and possessions from the destruction caused by the spread of radiant heat, noxious gas and flame within a building environment.

Further protection can be offered by using wired or multi-laminated fire glass and double-glazed screens to meet with even the most stringent safety requirements.

As well we provide for all wood and seals to fit with the necessary and relevant regulations.

We are very happy to provide any advice you might need with regards to glazed fire screens to ensure the best possible solutions to fulfill your fire safety requirements on your project or build.


Please feel welcome to contact us as we are happy to provide a fully detailed quotation upon request.